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What is a California-style home?  

When going shopping for a new home, it is important to know what you are looking for. One-story or two, design style and a list of extras you want. There are so many design styles available, it is sometimes hard to decide which style is best for you. Many new homeowners are choosing California style homes when shopping for a new home.

The best thing about California-style homes is that they are a unique combination of eclectic styles, offering a functioning dwelling. So what exactly is a California-style home? Here are some details about this type of home.

Styles: There is a diverse collection of styles that fall under California-style homes. This style often varies by region, but all fall under this category. For example, those wanting a more elegant style will choose a Craftsman California-style of a home or those wanting something more exotic will choose a Spanish-influenced California-style home.

Detail: These style of homes have everything from simple details to stunning attention-grabbing details. Most California-style homes will have prominent covered front porches, exposed interior rafters and gabled rooftops.

Stories: Though most of these homes are twos-stories, there are some that are one-story. Even though the home may only have a single story, it will have similar aspects and details listed above.

When shopping for a new home, make a list of what you want. Then, take the time to visit some California-style homes to see if these plans fit into your dream home wish list.