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As a listing agent, Mike employs this very tactic in helping his clients ready their homes for sale. "It's not always easy, but sellers must trust their agents," he offers.  "I come into my clients' homes, and provide an objective viewpoint on what needs to be done to make a property as appealing as possible, to allow the prospective buyers to see how they can make the home their own."  Doing this, he says, gives his listings a marked advantage against other homes.  "In today's market, clients know within a few seconds if they want to consider a property," he explains. "It's imperative to create an appealing atmosphere."

Mike specializes in residential real estate in the greater Long Beach area, primarily in the Belmont Heights and Bixby Knolls/Virginia Country Club areas.  While he concedes that there is a sales element to his profession, Mike notes that his role is more of facilitator and client advocate. "Buyers sell themselves on properties," he observes. "I am here to educate my clients, to ensure that they are well-prepared to make their real estate decisions."

He stays on top of the real estate trends and changes through careful observation and research, not only of his own Southern California market, but of the national real estate community as well. "A successful agent is constantly reinvesting in his own education, constantly learning," says Mike.  "What I know, I communicate to my buyers and sellers. In an age when consumers have access to a range of information, I add value by ensuring that they have accurate data, and that they know how to interpret that information."

While he's the key resource for his real estate clientele, Mike acknowledges that it takes a team effort to close a transaction.  "A professional network is imperative for a real estate agent," he states.  From home service professionals such as tile and electrical specialists, to reliable title, lenders, and escrow agents, he counts upon the support of his trusted network.  "Without them, I have had sales that would have fallen apart," Mike acknowledges.  "That's unacceptable.  If an issue arises, my team members are on it and it's resolved."

His business has been built upon a network of repeat and referral clientele, and Mike states that his philosophy is to cultivate lifelong relationships with his customers.  "An individual sale or transaction doesn't end the course of business with me," he says.  "Lasting customer satisfaction is achieved through consistent, exceptional care."

Client Testimony

We worked with Mike to purchase a home and our experience was consistently both professional and enjoyable during what is quite a stressful process. He listened in order to understand exactly what we were looking for in a home and then made it happen in a very competitive environment! We can highly recommend working with Mike.
Linda Hodgkins

Mike is very knowledgeable of the Long Beach area. We were so certain we wanted to buy on the east side of town which would have gotten us a very small house close to the freeway. Mike introduced us to the up and coming Bixby Knolls area and we are so lucky he did. We have a larger lot, a bigger house, much better neighbors, and a great neighborhood which continues grow with new businesses. He did a great job negotiating and helped us find a home that fit our needs and desires within our budget. When we sell our home we will certainly be reaching back out to him.
Cody & Leslie Peirce

Thank you Mike, you did an amazing job of selling my home! From beginning to end you were on top of everything!! Your professionalism and knowledge was perfect and your communication with us was right on the money!!! Thank you for everything!!!
Julie Long

Mike helped us tremendously on our first home purchase and I would highly recommend his services. Mike made the whole process comfortable and exciting, meeting us at different properties anytime of day and walked us through the entire experience. Mike had our best interests at heart and we are going to call upon him again when we buy our next home.
Jeremy & Shana Cross

Mike was great! He really held our hands through our first home-buying experience. We look forward to working with him again someday when we get our next home.
Veronica & Joe Arrigoni

When we purchased our first home, Mike was the realtor who represented the sellers. He was so wonderful - he was the only realtor (within our dozens of showings) who was present at the home each and every time we toured it. Having him in the home when we visited really helped us feel comfortable  with the purchase - he had intimate knowledge of the home and was able to answer any questions we had about it, it truly helped make the purchase decision an easy one. When we went to sell our first home, our immediate thought was to go with Mike - not only because of his prior knowledge of the home, but also because we could see he was a true gem within the realtor world. Working with him to sell the home, once again, was truly an easy process - he helped us through each step with skill, knowledge and comfort. Our home had an offer within the first 24 hours of opening it up to the market (and another three before the weekend was out). I have no doubt that Mike and his skilled approach had something to do with this. Mike's passion for selling our home, his knowledge of the Long Beach area, his thoughtful approach, his professionalism, and his warm personality make him a realtor I would be happy to work with time and time again. Home buying and selling can be very scary, but with Mike we never found ourselves feeling anything less than comfortable. We genuinly loved working with him!
Lisa & James Stanley

Mike has helped my wife and I with two house purchases now and we were happy with his services both times. His professionalism, honesty, and knowledge in all aspects of his work make us feel confident in the decisions we made in the home buying process. We love the fact that Mike truly seems to  care about what is best for our expanding family. He devoted so much time and never pressured us to make a specific decision. Lastly, Mike opened our eyes to a city that we never considered living in. We have been in our house for almost two years now and absolutely love our house and neighborhood.
Shanntel & Aaron Hobbensiefken

Mike represented us in two transactions, the sale of our condo and the purchase of our house, both with stellar outcomes. Mike is a consummate professional with exceptional attention to detail and on top of that he truly cares about his clients. Could not recommend more!
Ken & Kara Pearson

My husband and I were referred to Mike by a coworker that had previously used him in his last home purchase and came highly recommended. After speaking with Mike on the phone we were positive me made the right choice. We were looking in a very specific area and Mike came back with a few properties to look at that same weekend. The property we liked most already had several interested parties and Mike's experience in putting in a bid was the key to us moving in to our dream home! Being first-time home buyers we were very nervous and apprehensive about the whole process but Mike explained every step. I really appreciated that he even told us all of the pitfalls that could possibly happen at each step. While luckily nothing bad happened, it made me feel more prepared to know what to do if we hit a bump in the road. I would HIGHLY recommend Mike to anyone looking for a professional, highly competent and personable realtor.
Chris & Shirley Spitzer

I've utilized Mikes' services on a number of projects now for both buying and selling properties. He is very detail oriented and doesn't take any shortcuts. He will also go the extra mile, for example when I felt I might have left the house unlocked, he didn't hesitate to go by in the evening to  check it out. All in all I am very happy with the service and results I get, and have no problem recommending him to others.
David Dean

Mike Domino knows how to expertly market your property to suit the demand of the market. He brought highly talented professional to shoot the property so that all the unique details were captured. Our property looked as beautiful in the brochure as it did in person. He respected our privacy  during showings and made sure to personally be there for every showing. We felt very secure whether he was holding an open house or a private showing. He worked hard to find the right buyer for our property and the right replacement property for our family as well. 
Marisol & Jeff Gold

We recently moved to Long Beach. Mike was instrumental in the purchase of our new home. His knowledge of the area, schools and the details of the home we were interested in purchasing, drove out decision. Mike is very personable and provides so much assistance to make your purchase experience  great. I would highly recommend Mike Domino when you are selling or buying your next home.
Beth & Jeff Dahlke

My wife and I were extremely impressed with the way Mike handled all aspects of our real estate dealings. His advice was solid, his work ethic impressive and attention to detail was phenomenal. He always treated our questions with respect and always negotiated in a way that would get us the best  possible results. We will definitely use him again for future real estate business.
Jon & Sonya Westermen

Mike has helped with several properties and we've been extremely sstisfied with his knowledge and support . He uses his knowledge to locate properties that match our needs and ensues the purchases are good value through his local knowledge and negotiation skils. We've ourchased two properties eith  his help. Both fixers but with good solid location value and great potential. Bothhave had significant increases in price . We wil use Mike for our future real estate needs
Sam Ramezani

There is no doubt that without Mike we would not have achieved the purchase of our home in this much sought after location in what was the most competitive market conditions. Mike ensured that not only was the negotiation process managed effectively but also that the funding requirements and  closing process was managed exemplary. Mike's professionalism is without question second to none and we will not hesitate to both recommend and use Mike for all our future property transactions.
Graham Hodgkins

Mike Domino is the person you want to see whether you are buying or selling a home. His courtesy, knowledge and professionalism far surpasses any other realtor I have encountered. No matter what your price range or timeline, Mike can do it all.
Michael & Randy Kreisel

Mr. Dominio's knowledge of historical communities is very extensive: from area history to the best places to buy antiques in order to keep your home preserved and relevant to its historical preview. He's friendly and encouraging to buyers, but balanced in his goal for the sellers he is representing.
Scott & Janice Warren

We had a good realtor when we bought our home, but she was not working in Long Beach anymore when we were ready to sell years later - so we found Mike. Our previous realtor was good but Mike was great. His knowledge of the area, the wealth of information he accessed to show us what was going on in  the area with real estate and his accessibility was phenomenal. His advice on how to prepare our home to go on the market was crucial to selling the house for a good price. It was clear that Mike was working for us and represented our interests. We would recommend Mike to anyone who was buying or selling a home. Our only regret is that we couldn't use him in Florida where we moved! His professionalism will spoil you for working with any other realtor.
Larry & Dianna Paul

Mike Domino helped us sell and buy homes simultaneously. I had tried to submit separate reviews but I think that this website is not allowing that. :( Mike was helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and professional. He followed through on things he said he would do and was detail-oriented. My wife and  I as a couple have bought and sold at least 5 homes now, and we would place him at the top in service and integrity among the agents we have engaged as both buyers and sellers. Please note that we completed these two transactions in about 5 weeks. Our house sold within a week - he got us multiple offers. As per another person's review, he is sensitive to value and uniqueness of different styles of properties. He is also able to present things concisely and well. He is able to balance a seller's expectations and the realities of the market very well in order to arrive at a reasonable price at which to offer a home. He provides very reasonable advice with regard to bargaining and seller/buyer motivation. He maintains the highest standards of professionalism in both roles. We recommend him without hesitation and note that even after the sales he continues to respond quickly about real estate questions and to provide excellent references for service people who share his values.
Nancy & Howard Epstein

After years of work in the field of corporate finance, Mike Domino made a well-calculated move into real estate.  The longtime investor had experience with refurbishments and resales, and originally sought to earn his license in order to handle his own transactions.  Holding open houses on his properties, he frequently came into contact with prospective buyers who were impressed by his comprehensive market knowledge and his astute financial perspective.  It wasn't long before he was fielding requests for assistance in finding other properties, so Mike knew it was time to take his real estate investment work and build it into a full-fledged career.

Though the corporate sector may seem worlds away from his one-on-one work with real estate clientele, Mike explains that there are many similarities between the two.  "In corporate finance, I always had clients," he observes. "these were the people within the company whose expertise didn't relate to financial issues.  My role was to educate them, guide them through the options available and enable them to make the right decisions for their individual goals. Today, as  a Realtor, I'm doing just that."

His ability to connect with the customer has enabled Mike to successfully transition from an investor to an accomplished real estate professional with an impressive record of sales. His early flips, he notes, began to represent his understanding of the customer's wants and needs at the time. "When I put my investment properties on the market, they were always styled with a specific type of buyer in mind," he reveals.  "I always designed my homes for someone.  People coming to my open houses began to notice, and if the house they were previewing didn't match their individual wants, they would ask me to help them find something similar."